About Fossil Bay Kindergarten

Fossil Bay Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten has been established on Waiheke for over twenty years.  Set in a rural environment with three kindergarten classes, many of the children on Waiheke have experienced the natural & beautiful environment of Fossil Bay Kindergarten.

Our kindergarten classes cater for children aged 3 to 6 years in a home like environment, where a daily, weekly and seasonal rhythm is followed.  This helps the developing child to know ‘what comes next’ and within this, allows for the freedom of play and creativity, along with more centered inner times of painting, craft and meal times.

The kindergarten teachers create a wholesome environment where the child can imitate the goodness & reverence that surrounds them. The toys in the rooms are from natural materials, the rooms warm and inviting, providing the children with all the necessary things to help them settle into the serious business of play!

Much is learned by the children through their play and this is especially so when they are given natural objects to play with. A cloth can become a cape, a baby’s blanket or a river, a plank of wood can become a sea saw, a bridge or a shop front…the possibilities are endless and all help encourage and nourish the child’s imagination and creativity.

Seasonal festivals are an important part of our kindergarten life and the children take delight in helping to prepare for and participate in the festivals. Our mid-winter lantern festival is a particular favourite. Each year Fossil Bay Kindergarten hosts a Harvest Fayre, which is a beautiful celebration of our kindergartens and our wider community. It is the one big fundraiser that the kindergarten does each year and is enjoyed by many people in the wider community – both on Waiheke and visitors from afar. The Fayre has become a local icon and many people look forward to it each year.


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